TYL IR 1064nm Q-switched DPSS laser sources Especially designed for the industrial market, Avarage power of  12W  for covering most of  industrial  application (marking, engraving trimming…). Air cooled laser, rugged and compact. Working in a wide frequency range to offer a great operation flexibility, performing always high quality output beams. Thanks to it’s peculiar  cavity design, TYL IR is also   suitable for  application  that need hig energy at low frequency, as more than 1mJ is achieved. The original and proprietary design of the electronics allows remote diagnosis and full system PC control. TYL IR is available in OEM or Marker versions.
AQS6 Laser Marking Source A 6W active Q-switch   laser marking   source   based on   the   DPSS technology, especially designed for   integration in   desktop machine   for the ID field (Identity Cards & Passports), beyond standard Industrial Application. This is   an   innovative laser  solution   for  the Industrial and ID field (marking on Polycarbonate  or    Laserable    PVC, with    strong control    on the    Gray Scale Generation). Key Characteristics of this product are the   compactness    and the   possibility to manually adjust the  focusing   distance (within 1 cm. of range), permitting   a very ease of integration in Desktop. OEM version available 6 and 10W Desktop Machine, Benchtop Testing Machine, Production Lines.
PQS Series Passive Q-switched laser sources with emission in the I.R. 1064nm. Gap Laser Systems is glad to announce the new PQS Laser based on a compact design   that     allows      ease   of  installation/integration, making   them a   great attractiveness to the market for OEM Machine Builder. The high peak power of these sources     are   the right     solution   for   industrial application, enabling surface     marking on   metals and   plastics with quality and performance of absolute uniqueness. Three available average power, in the same footprint!
Scheda Tecnica AQS6
Scheda Tecnica AQS OEM
Scheda Tecnica TYL - IR
Scheda Tecnica PQS All in One
Scheda Tecnica GDL - OEM
GDL Series GDL is a configurable laser system with one or two diode modules (CW or QCW) dedicated to applications of welding, soldering, cutting and heat activation. The diode modules can be  configured both in wavelenght  and in power, to cover the power r ange of  60W up t o 400W at  wavelenghths of 1064, 915 and 976nm. External chiller only from 100W diodes modules, simple installation with 19 inches rack, fiber  armored  jaket (standard  lenghs of 1, 3  and 5    meters), configurable focusing   distance (in case of   focusing  head) and   beam    collimator  diameter (in case of    simple   collimator), makes   unique the Gdl product  in it is  ayout, fo demanding     application in     automotive, electronics and       general    industrial applications.
ORION Series Orion fiber laser is the new range of laser that allows to face and solve any problem where the marking process speeding up, the depth of marking or the high visual contrast are key factors of the applicazion. Ideal for working in heavy industrial environments, ORION fiber laser are available in power ratings of 20W, 30W, 50W and 100W, all air-cooled and without any external chiler. upon request, the lasers can be equipped with embedded PC for managing “on board” the marking software and with Profibus system, more and more required in the industrial field for the transmission of variable data.
Scheda Tecnica ORION
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