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Sirio 20 Mopa

Gap Laser is glad to announce the introduction in our product portfolio of a fiber laser based on the innovative technology MOPA ( Master Oscillator Power Amplifier). The laser solution permits to work in a very wide range of frequency and pulse width for covering the most disparate marking/applications: - Metal surface processing, peeling coating - Aluminum black marking - Semi-conductor&electronics industry applications - Large area engraving - Excellent marking effect on plastic or other sensitive material - Black marking on stainless steel Two available models ( G1 and G6 ), please ask to our Commercial Dept. for receiving a commercial quote!
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Informativa sulla privacy Gap Laser Systems S.r.l., operating since 2006, is a company of proven and consolidated experience in the laser industry, which has the primary objective of designing and building laser sources and diodes with the Diode Pumped Solid State technology, according to certified quality standards, both for conventional applications such as marking and s oldering / welding and or special applications such as cutting, heat activation and micromachining generally. Our range of products is completed by fiber laser sources (Yttb) dedicated to marking applications, such as annealing and pure engraving, where the speed of the processing it self takes on major importance (power ratings up to 100W) An internal R&D consisting of engineers with long experience and a Class 1000 clean room, exclusively dedicated to the production in an uncontaminated environment, allows Gap Laser Systems to customize dedicated solutions to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the market, maintaining high quality level.
The deep knowledge, gained over time, on the various laser applications, allows the Gap Lasers Systems team to propose optimal and effective solutions to integrators system and OEM customers operating in different sectors such as Automotive, Aeronautics, Electronics, and General Industry. Particular importance has taken on the specific expertise and competences in the Homeland Security, which laser technology oriented and focused on security in banking and ID documents. In this field our mother company IXLA S.r.l. (www.ixla.it), based in Romano Canavese (north west side of Italy) is inernational leader in the market with the aim to provides desktop machines and customized solutions, integrating Gap laser sources, developing dedicated software focused on the different requested security levels, in full compliance with international standards and governmental sules Precisely in this particular area, laser sources and software libraries to be integrated into special automatic systems for the Laser Card Personalization have been tested and manufactured, in the rigor of International Standards and stringent governmental requirements. Gap Laser Systems is an ISO 9001: 2008 certificated company.
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