OEM Laser Sources
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Gap Product Portfolio offers different Q-Switched DPSS laser sources, consisting of a resonator emitting at 1064 nm, coupled with a pump diode at 808 nm. PQS is a Passive Q-Switched DPSS laser source with average power up to 5 W, a pulse energy up to 200 uJ and a peak power greater than 20 kW. It is an example of a very compact design that allows ease of installation/integration, making them a great attractiveness to the market for OEM Laser Builder. The high peak power of these sources makes them the right solution for industrial application, enabling engraving and surface marking on metals/plastics with quality and performance of absolute uniqueness. TYL and AQS series includes Active Q-Switched laser sources, available in the power range from 6 W to 12 W, with pulse frequency from 5 kHz to 100 kHz. The compactness and the monolithic design, with their excellent beam quality, make these sources an excellent alternative for the most industrial demanding applications. Please ask to our Technical Dept. for deepening your technical needs.
· OEM laser source: resonator and pump diode Passive and Active Q-Switched DPSS laser source Compact and monolithic design Air-cooled For many industrial applications on various material types
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