TYL 12W EVO 4.0
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Gap Laser is pleased to add in the product portfolio a new updated version of the 12W DPSS laser marking source. TYL 12 evolution has as main features: - new electronic - new diagnostic software for a very ease to use and remote controlling - super compact rack - Industry 4.0 GAP NET software, available apart The application like marking, engraving, laser trimming, with an air cooled, rugged and compact system, working in a wide frequency range to offer a great operation flexibility, performing always high quality output beams. Thanks to it’s peculiar cavity design, TYL 12 is also suitable for application that need high energy at low frequency, as more than 1mJ is achieved. Available in OEM or Marker versions, the marker version can be equipped with a new 3D module, developed by our R&D, for arranging marking on flat staggered, inclined or irregular surfaces. Depending on your application, this module can be configured in our clean room for matching your technical desiderata. Please ask to our commercial department for more info.
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