Venus UV Designed with a modular concept, Venus UV ( >3W @ 30KHz - 355nm) is extremely compact. The basic infrared module exploits all advantages of the well consolidated Gap Laser design with end pumped structure, while the plugged harmonic module allows UV generation. The short wavelength (355nm) together with high peak power and short pulses ( 15nsec. @ 30KHz ) allows material processing free from undesired thermal effects. With a very high beam quality ( M 2 < 1.2 TEM 00 ) Venus UV is the optimal solution for electronics and pcb related applications. The laser is water cooled through steel plate and external chiller, for granting high stability on the application ( marking, fine material processing ), with high electro- optical conversion efficiency. Gap has adopted the built-in laser diode technology to avoid the effect of fiber shaking on output laser, while customers installation is very convenient. Also available with 5W average power.
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